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The Art-online Directory contains editor-reviewed websites organized into subject categories.

Use the Directory when you are interested in a certain subject but do not know exactly what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something precise, Art-online invites you to search its content by simply typing a query and clicking the Search button. Enter words that you think will appear on the Web page you want. Art-online indexes all the words on every Web page.

Organization of the Directory

  • The websites are organized into subject or geographical categories. Inside the categories, the organization is NOT alphabetized. The classification results from the date of entry in the directory (the last are in top of the page).

Search Tips

  • Art-online supports full Boolean capability (AND, OR, NOT), including parenthetical expressions, in all search forms.
  • When you type multiple words in the search box, Art-online finds documents containing at least one of the specified words or phrases. The found documents can contain both items, but not necessarily.
  • When you are looking for web pages that contain a specific word, type a “+” before the word (Example: +French photographer, search results will contain the word French and can contain the word photographer).
  • When you are looking for web pages that contain some words but not another one, type a “-” or “NOT” or “!” (Example: American sculpture -bronze, search results could contain American and sculpture but not bronze).
  • When you are looking for web pages that contain all of the words, type AND between the words (Example: artist AND tapestry, search results will contain word artist AND the word tapestry in them, which is similar to +artist +tapestry).
  • When you are looking for an exact phrase, put it in quotes (Example: "Art Basel Miami Beach").
  • If you include an accent in a query word, Art-online will only match words with that particular accent. If you do not include any accent, Art-online will match words without accents.
  • Uppercase and lowercase are treated the same.

Automatic Exclusion of Common Words

  • Art-online ignores common words and characters such as "with" and "in", as well as certain single letters, because they tend to slow down your search without improving the results.

Cached Links

  • Art-online takes a snapshot of each page examined as it crawls the web and caches these as a back-up in case the original page is unavailable.
  • If you click on the "Cached" link, you will see the web page as it looked when we indexed it. The cached content is the content Art-online uses to judge whether this page is a relevant match for your query.
  • When the cached page is displayed, it will have a header at the top to remind you that it may not be the most recent version of the page. Terms that match your query are highlighted on the cached version to make it easier for you to see why the page is relevant.

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Submit a Site

We daily add and update new sites to our index, and we invite you to submit your URL. Art-online is edited and updated by a human team.

Most visited categories :

  • 20% of searches in the "Artists" category. To submit in the "Artists" category.
  • 14% of searches in the "Galleries" category. To submit in the "Galleries" category.
  • 10% of searches in the "Art History" category. To submit in the "Art History" category.
  • To submit a URL:

    • Navigate through the Directory to identify the appropriate category.
    • Enter in the category of your choice, and click on "Submit".
    • Choose between standard submission (without timely consideration guarantee) and priority submission (72 hours guarantee).
    • Please fill in the form with the address of your website, title, description and keywords that describe the content of your page.
    • If your website is already listed in the Directory in a category and if you want to add it in a second category, please fill in a new submission form. You can either choose the standard or the priority submission. If you choose the priority submission, your request will be treated within 3 business days.

    Only the top-level page from a host is necessary; you do not need to submit each individual page.

    Art-online updates its index on a regular basis, so updated or outdated link submissions are not necessary. Dead links will 'fade out' of our index on our next crawl when we update our entire index.

    We will not accept a site that fails to meet these requirements:

    • Submitted site must be art-related.
    • Parts still under construction cannot be included. All links must work.
    • Site must be running 7 days a week / 24 hours a day.
    • No graphic violence, illegal activities, pornography, pornographic or adult advertising, nor sexual entertainment shall be submitted. Erotic art sites are allowed in the appropriate category based on editor’s discretion (we are not prudish: just discriminating).

    Art-online editors may consider other criteria before accepting or rejecting a given site.

    We DO NOT add all submitted URLs to our index, and cannot predict when or if they will appear.

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