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Find the perfect job by searching through the job postings of employers who are looking for creative talents.


Post an easy to design resume or cut and paste your current resume and make it instantly available to employers. EDIT your Resume.


Bring your resume alive with a digital portfolio of your creative work. You can manage your portfolio at any time. Create and manage your MyPortfolio account.

The Job Search Agent automatically searches for jobs matching your search criteria and notifies you when there is a match. Manage your Job Search Agent.
Keep track of all jobs matching your criteria and jobs for which you have applied.

View a listing of employers that are members of

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Easily locate targeted, qualified applicants by searching through resumes that meet your specific criteria.

Post attractive, easy to design job openings with graphics and hyperlinks. EDIT your job posting.

View digital portfolios of creative work. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Automated searches for resumes matching your search criteria and notifies you when it finds a match. Manage your Resume Search Agent.

Keep track of all resumes you have found or have been submitted to you.

Tell visitors to the site about your company by posting a company profile. EDIT your company Profile.

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