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Toad Hollow Studio - Drawing lessons and tutorials.
Welcome to my studio. I will be sharing my art, drawing technique and 20+ year's experience with you here. These drawing lessons and tutorials were created out of the love of drawing. In them I share the drawing technique I use to create all my artwork. The lessons include beginning to advanced drawing instruction presented in well illustrated lessons with lots of technique advice and discussion.

Some people call it sketching ... I call it sculpting with light and shadow.

Horse drawing lesson

How to draw a Horse

For a downloadable drawing lesson, click here.

Free Online Drawing Lesson

Grab your pencil and follow along with this online drawing lesson. "Gingersnap" is fully illustrated and my realistic technique is explained in detail.

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How to Build a Magnetic Drawing Board

Drawing Supply Lists - for beginner to advanced

Free Drawing Lessons and Technique Discussion

Blind Contour Drawing - learning to draw by touch

Drawing Lesson "Sprouts" - Get a glimpse of my "Layer Technique"

Creating Fantasy Art Work - ideas for creating fantasy art

How to Draw a Rose

Line Drawing - a way to begin your art exploration

Drawing tips and techniques - my personal philosophy and technique discussion.

Art Gallery

You are invited to the Art Gallery Page to see more of my artwork.

"Trillium" was created with graphite pencil on smooth bristol board.

Trillium Wild Flower Drawing

"Trillium" C. S. Rosinski '04

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A Word From Carol

Did you know that when you draw you create magic? It's true. When you draw, you create something new that never existed before. When you draw, you make an idea or feeling into something tangible. You have, in fact, taken an abstract concept and made it into a reality. Artists make ideas dance and emotions sing. If you ask me, there is no higher form of magic and all artists are really shamans who bring this magic into the world.

Carol Rosinski
Artist and Shaman

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Books about Drawing and Inspiration

Book reviews

Journals and Musings

More "Words" from Carol

Drawing as a way of Understanding

Images from the Deep

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Here is the description of the group:

We are a group of people dedicated to the art of drawing. If you are a beginning or advanced artist you are welcome here. Every aspect of making art is discussed with humor and goodwill. We encourage and inspire each other, exchange ideas and solve problems. We are a well of creativity and you are invited to join us!

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Learn to draw step by step with my
Drawing Lessons

Three Acorns Drawing Lesson

Three Acorns
Classical Technique
PDF Lesson

Sleeping cat from a drawing lesson on a tote.If you love cats or know someone who does, please visit my store:

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About my Tools

Buddy on the Blanket Drawing Lesson

Buddy on the Blanket Drawing Tutorial

I scanned this drawing at various points in its progress so you could watch over my shoulder as I worked. I am also letting you see my journal entries that go along with the steps.

origami bookmark

Oh come on ... it's EASY!!

Origami Bookmark to fold